Wednesday, February 25

Filling the Cookie Jar...

Last night I got the urge to bake cookies.
This never happens.
I am not a baker.
Lucky for me, I married a man that is!
And for the past ten years I have happily assumed the title of "cook",
while he held the title of "baker".
Until last night...

I was in the mood to bake, so I went online to my favorite recipe sharing site,, and found the highest rated Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie recipe that I could find. Luckily,we had all of the ingredients sitting in our pantry.
Like it was meant to be!

Here is the recipe: Chewy Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies.
They are really good.
A tip: they need more flour than the recipe calls for. I added an extra cup. It was perfect!

The boys actually thought it was funny that I was baking! But I got the greatest compliment from our seven year old:
Mom, you make the best cookies!

At that moment I was given the title of "cookie maker".
I'll take it!
A couple of hours and a double batch of cookies later, I realized that I had nothing to keep my super yummy cookies in. I needed a cookie jar! Tupperware wasn't going to cut it. So this morning I got this...

Just what I was wanting!
It's big and holds a ton of cookies!

So I have made a promise to myself...
I am going to bake cookies once a week to fill the cookie jar!
I want to be that kind of mom.
There's something comforting about having a jar of cookies on the counter.
And besides, what kid wouldn't want to come home from school to a homemade cookie and a glass of cold milk?

I had a volunteer to test out the jar...

...and the cookies and milk.

He was happy.
And he had no idea how happy he had made me!


If you're feeling inclined to do some cookie baking, give this recipe a try.
You won't be disappointed!