Thursday, February 26

What Am I Hooked On, You Ask?

Ok, ok. I know that you didn't ask, but Julia over at Hooked On Houses did! And she wants to know what you're Hooked On too! She hosts a weekly Hooked On Friday's Blog Party!
So feel free to join in the fun!
Even if you don't want to play this week, be sure to stop by and see the Craftsman Bungalow that she's Hooked On. It's a beauty!

So, to answer the question...

I am currently hooked on Slipper Chairs.
And for a good reason!

But first, what is a slipper chair?

For the long answer see here.

The short answer: An upholstered chair with a low seat and a high back.

Several features distinguish a slipper chair. The first is the very clean design, which tends to feature two rectangles for the seat and back of the chair, with no arms. Slipper chairs are typically low chairs, and the back may be reclined for greater comfort. As a general rule they are also upholstered, and some people may add throw pillows to their slipper chairs as a design accent.

Here are some examples:

Nate Berkus for HSN

Want to know why I am hooked on Slipper Chairs?

Because last summer I scored a pair of them for FREE!
My best friend's sister was selling them in her garage sale. I tried to convince her that she should keep them - "Think of the potential they have!" But she was set on getting rid of them. After a weekend of greeting passerby's in her driveway she still had the pair of slipper chairs sitting there. Frustrated and wanting them gone, my best friend called me up and said "Come and get them". OK!

They are in sad shape and this is how you would find them, tucked away in our master bedroom, if you came to our house...

our kids call it "the couch"

They have obviously had a lot of use because they are extremely worn.

There is a short fringe all around the sides.

Around the bottom was a long, braided fringe that hung to the floor. I took that off right away. It was just too much...

The legs are pretty beat up...

...but the chairs feel solid.

There is a date stamped on the underside that says Jan. 10, 1952. And the tattered, worn label gives a company name of
J. L. Chase Company, Chicago, Illinois.
I'll have to do some research and see what kind of information I can come up with!

To be honest, I feel kind of ridiculous having had them since the summer and I still haven't reupholstered them. But I haven't yet decided what I want the fabric to look like and there's no sense in having to do it twice! So I'll just wait until I find the perfect inspiration!

And to be totally honest, I'm a little nervous about it! The only thing I've ever reupholstered (if you can even call it that) are the seats of my dining room chairs. Hardly challenging! Luckily, a friend of mine just finished reupholstering her couch - as in, took it down to the frame and reupholstered it! So I have someone to walk me through it when the time comes.

The thing is that I see it being done all the time in Blogland, so it can't be that hard...can it? Help me out here. If you have done any reupholstering and lived to blog about it, send me your link for inspiration. I would really appreciate it!

All of that being said, I think with a little love and a whole lot of care and attention to detail, these could be a really great pair of chairs!

You know what they say...
One man's trash is another man's treasure!

So true!