Friday, March 13

Paint Your Place...

Behr has introduced a feature within their ColorSmart website that is now FREE!

I woke up to find this email:


Paint Your Place takes paint decorating projects to a new level by giving homeowners control over the images they wish to preview and visualize with new color combinations. A complement to Behr’s online color tools such as ColorSmart by BEHR™ and the Virtual Color Center, Paint Your Place lets homeowners upload their own room images from their digital camera to preview the colors they choose and make decorating decisions on that image. Visit now to get started!

This means that instead of having to use the images that Behr has loaded on their site, you can now take a picture of any room in your house and use that to play with paint colors! And it's not just limited to interiors - you can use pics of the outside of your home too!

So, of course, I had to try it.....right away!

I uploaded the first photo I came across - our hallway:

I picked a color scheme



My hallway was instantly blue!

Now this was just a quickie test because I didn't have much time to play around with it. You will not be seeing new pictures of a blue hallway popping up on my blog anytime soon - or even, ever! Like I said, this was just a test.
But the website was really user friendly and intuitive (which is always a plus!) and it only took a couple of minutes!

I can't wait to "paint" some more rooms!

Or better yet, "paint" my exterior!

Try it! It's fun!