Saturday, May 16

The Need For Change...

Normally I'm the one needing a change.
Even a small change somewhere can make a huge difference in the way you feel about a room! But on Thursday, it was my husband who felt the need to make a change!


I laugh, only because I love him!

On this particular afternoon we had decided to put the boys' bunk beds back together which led to reorganizing and rearranging their entire bedroom.
(More about that later)
After we had put the kids to bed for the night, I was looking forward to finally eating dinner and sitting down for a bit. Next thing I know, Will is surveying the Family Room and talking about possible furniture arrangements!

Who is this man?

It was quite obvious that he needed a change, so I let him do his thing.

With that said, here is the Before:

And the After:

All of the furniture now sits on an angle to match the armoire in the corner.

By doing this he was able to bring in another chair, which is great for when we have people over!

However, this layout creates only one way of getting in and out of the room which can make things more difficult when company is visiting...

...but he swears this won't be a problem.


What do you think?

How did he do?

Two thumbs up for the carpenter?

I'm not totally convinced about this arrangement, but it's worth trying for a while. And we'll see what impact it has on flow when we do have friends and family over.

But above everything else, I love it that he loves it!

The kids love it too!

Change is good!

And once again, one project leads to another...

See the sofa table in this picture?

I have been wanting to paint it for quite a while.

Now that it sits in its new spot, I have much more motivation to get it done!

Now to pick a color for it...