Saturday, June 27


The past week in the Puget Sound has shown us some super low tides at our local beaches!

On Wednesday night my best friend let me know that we really needed to be sure to take the kids and check it out because of the opportunity to see some really cool things that we normally don't get to see -
because the tide never goes out this far.

So on Thursday afternoon we took the kids to our closest beach, just a few minutes from home, and checked it out.

Will and I have grown up here and neither one of us have ever seen Dash Point Beach look like it did on Thursday!

The tide went out to

-3.92 feet

It was definitely impressive!

One of my favorite things to do is go beachcombing for seashells. And we lucked out on Thursday! We found lots of them!

Granted, they were covered in sand, seaweed, and who knows what else - but we brought them home with the hopes that they would clean up nicely!

I put them all in a large bowl and covered them completely with hot, soapy water and let them sit for a few hours. But, the soapy water didn't do much to get rid of the leftover beach...

So I looked online and several sites said that it was as easy as soaking them in

equal parts water and bleach.

I tried it, and sure enough, all of the dark brown and black stains started coming off!

I rinsed them with water and soaked them a second time in the bleach and water mixture and,


I think they look great!

The shells were in the solution no more than a couple of hours and we can't believe how pretty they turned out!

So if your beachcombing leaves you with shells that are a little on the dingy side, try what I did!

It works!