Sunday, June 14

Vintage Folding Measuring Sticks and An Old Military Trunk...

Around noon yesterday, the whole family set out on a trip to Costco. As much as we dislike going to Costco on a weekend, we had to. It was time. So we loaded up the kids, promising churros and berry drinks if they were good, and we were on our way.

Immediately we started seeing "Garage Sale" signs, and even though I wanted to stop and look, I wasn't about to say anything because we were on a mission.
Get to Costco, shop, and get out - before it gets even more crowded!

When we realized that we had passed about 25 "Garage Sale" signs before we had even made it half way to Costco (which isn't all that far from our house), Will said:
"should we stop?"

Heck, yes!

So we did, and here is what I found...

At one house we found treasures galore and had we needed it all, I would have tried to bring it home with me, for sure!

But these two things were the first to catch my eye and I wasn't willing to give these up in order to buy something else.

Vintage Wood Folding Measuring Sticks...

They had about 5 of them that they were selling. None of them in perfect condition - all of them were broken off at some point, but this one was the longest at 65 inches...

I have an idea for how I want to use it. I just need to figure out how to make it work!

My other find was this trunk...

It is an old Military Communications Trunk. It had labels all over it at one point, and still has writing on it and stamps telling what it's purpose was...

The hardware still works great...

...and I love how aged it is!

Here's the coolest part!

On the back there is an envelope holding an invoice...

...the date on it: October 24th, 1945

There are spots that are extremely beat up, but it just adds to the character!

At 30" long, by 12" tall, by 11" deep, it isn't huge, but is just the right size for storing all of my candles that I'm not currently using.

It fits perfectly in its new spot (and looks great with the rest of the room), but before I show you where that is, a small makeover needs to happen first. It is a project that I have wanted to do for a while and have talked about before. Now I have the perfect motivation to get it done!

Oh - and I almost forgot...I got these two things for a grand total of $10!

I was pleased with that!

So what was supposed to be a quick, get-it-done shopping trip to Costco, ended up being an unexpectedly productive garage sale day!

Gotta' love it when that happens!

Did you stumble upon any treasures this weekend?

I hope so!


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