Thursday, July 2

Frozen Yogurt Pops Make Everyone Happy...

The other morning I was in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast, packing our things for swim lessons, getting Ellison dressed and going about my normal routine. The boys were in the living room watching cartoons before we had to leave for the pool...

Suddenly, they both came running full speed into the kitchen, both talking in exclamation points (at the same time and at a volume I'm sure our neighbors could hear) about something that I was completely unable to understand!

I told them to slow down and, after getting a hold of themselves, they went on to calmly tell me about a commercial they had just seen and that...

"We HAVE to do it!!!"

Their excitement was too much to contain and the exclamation points had returned...

They had just watched a commercial for Trix yogurt. The brilliant idea (as decided by the boys) was to freeze a cup of yogurt with a popsicle stick in it overnight and the next day you would wake up to a frozen yogurt pop!

As far as they were concerned, we had to go to the store "RIGHT NOW", so that we could get our own oh-so-yummy Trix yogurt.

My reply:

"I don't think so..."

They were heart broken.

So sad.

But what they didn't realize was that I was saying "no" to the Trix yogurt. Not the frozen yogurt pops. Unlike them, I am completely capable of not buying into the made-for-kids marketing...

But I had to admit, it was a really great idea!

When I opened the fridge and pulled out the box of our everyday Yoplait Yogurt (that we already had!) and they realized that they were going to be able to make frozen yogurt pops anyway, I was instantly given the title of "Super Mom"!

I'll take it!

Sometimes children are so easy to please!

Unfortunately, I didn't have a bag of popsicles sticks laying around...would you believe that I just sold them at our garage sale? I must have had the same pack for 4 years, always thinking "we could make something fun with these!"...yet, never getting around to it.

But, being resourceful (in the eyes of my children), I grabbed three plastic spoons and convinced the boys that it would work just as well as a popsicle stick...


Ready to go in the freezer...

Waiting for them to freeze was total agony for the boys!

You know the expression..."a watched pot never boils"...

And then...finally!

They were ready!

A little hot water on the outside of the cup and a few holes punctured in the bottom was all it needed to slide right out...

Happy kids!

And, a happy Mama!

Who needs Trix yogurt anyway?

Every day after swimming lessons they come home and have a frozen yogurt pop. And as soon as they finish, they rinse their spoon and make another one to have the next day!

Easy, convenient, inexpensive and they LOVE them!

And I love that they're getting a healthier version of what they saw on the commercial!

Like I said, these frozen yogurt pops make everyone happy!