Monday, October 26

Five Days 'Til Halloween...

The kids are in full countdown mode...

"Five days 'til Halloween!"

Not only are they excited that it is getting so close, but they are even more excited that it falls on a Saturday. They've been in school long enough to know what the difference between a weeknight and a weekend means and with Trick-Or-Treating happening on Saturday night, it means they'll be able to stay up late and count their loot!

The porch has been decorated and all of their costumes are ready to go.

We just need to buy the candy for all of our trick-or-treater's (we have a lot of them in our neighborhood!) and have a pumpkin carving night this week to carve our pumpkins.

This weekend would be a great opportunity to throw a party! And just in case you are planning one already, here is some great inspiration...

all images courtesy of

It's been pretty busy around here, so unfortunately, I think throwing a party is out of the question for us.

Unless...I can work some magic and make it happen!

We'll see!

On another note, we are now on

Round #2, Match-Up #3

in the Apartment Therapy Color Contest

Our Master Bedroom has been paired up against this lovely dining room...

Click here to make your way over to Apartment Therapy to vote on your favorite room!

Oh - and I almost forgot!

The change that took place last week (accidentally, the night before our out of town guests came to stay with us for five days!) has turned out to be a good thing. No, a great thing, for our family!

I'll snap some photos and show you what we've been up to. Not only has it kept me busy since our guests left, but it has presented plenty of opportunity for upcoming projects now.

Just the way I like it!