Thursday, December 10

5 Days Of Giveaway's - Day #4: T's ETC...

It's already day number 4 in our

5 Days Of Giveaway's Party

to celebrate our 1st birthday here at

It's The Little Things...

But you know what they say...

time flies when you're having fun!

Today's giveaway is sponsored by someone that is very near and dear to my heart.

Not only is she a friend of nearly 20 years, but she is the reason that It's The Little Things...came to be.

Yep, I owe it all to her! I don't think I even knew what blogging was when Teri began telling me that I should start writing a blog of my own, but she was relentless...(in a good way) and on December 12th, 2008, she got her way and I dove head first into something that I knew very little about. I wasn't sure if anyone other than Teri would be interested in reading about all of our projects around here, but she had all the confidence in the world in me, which more than made up for any that I was lacking, so I decided to give it a go.

I met Teri when we were in 7th grade, and while it doesn't seem possible that it was almost 20 years ago, it also feels like I can't remember a time when she wasn't a part of my life. She was one of my very best friends in high school and even though we lost touch for a while, letting life get in the, moves across the country, marriage, babies...we recently reconnected and it feels like, for us, time stood still and nothing ever changed. When we're together, we may as well still be in high school, senior year...talking and laughing, laughing and talking!

What I didn't know back then was that Teri would go on to craft beautiful jewelry.

Jewelry that, today, I get to share with you.

And I couldn't be more excited about it!

Ready to take a look?

I'm going to start out with my very favorite piece of Teri's...

I have to tell you that I have seen all of these items in person, and they're gorgeous!

A few weeks ago I went to the annual Holiday Bazaar that is held at our local middle school every November. Teri's jewelry was on display and at my fingertips and it took every bit of strength in me to not buy that gorgeous, sparkly, black bracelet all for myself!

But I was there to shop for a birthday present...not for myself, so I resisted. Somehow.

This next necklace is just like the one I bought (at the bazaar) for my best friend. I gave it to her the morning of her birthday as we chatted over coffee. Of course, she put it on right away, and after we had given hugs and said "goodbye" she called me to let me know that while she was out shopping she had been stopped twice in ten minutes, by women wanting to know where she got her necklace from!

Needless to say, we were both thrilled!

Isn't it pretty...

I have one, just like this next bracelet, in a coppery-brown color and it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear...

I would gladly take one of, oh......everything from Teri's Etsy shop!

Here are a few more pieces and just a small sampling of what you will find when you visit

T's ETC...

**The Lacey and Glamour Cuffs can be custom made in any size and color, so if you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to contact Teri through Etsy, and she will help you get what you need.**

Ready to hear what the giveaway winner will win?

Teri is offering you the chance to win a

$30.00 Gift Certificate

to T's ETC to spend any way that you see fit.

Need the perfect piece of jewelry to wear to the upcoming Christmas party?

Or maybe you're looking for something special to buy for the women in your life?

Chances are, Teri has just the thing!

All you have to do to enter is:

Visit T's ETC, then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which item is your favorite.

Now, if you'll let me, I'd like to ask you for a favor...

Teri just set up her Etsy shop. This is a brand new venture for her! I've been pushing her to start selling her jewelry on Etsy for a while now, just like she pushed me to start blogging. I would love nothing more than to see her shop become a huge success!

So do me a her some love!

Blog about the giveaway, Tweet about it, add it to your Facebook page, spread the word anyway that you can!

If you could do me that favor, I would be very appreciative!

Oh, and one more thing...

Teri has generously offered to give


on orders placed from Thursday, December 10th through Sunday, December 13th,

to anyone who is a follower of It's The Little Things...

All you have to do to qualify is to be a follower, or become a follower of our blog, and enter the code:

I'm A Follower

at the time of checkout on Etsy.

This giveaway will be open to enter from now (Dec. 10th) through midnight on Friday (Dec. 11th).

The winner will be announced on Saturday, December 12th...

our blogs first birthday!

Good Luck!

And happy shopping!

**Edited to add:

If you get the chance, check out the post that Teri did on her own blog about this giveaway!
There's a photo of us on the night of our Senior Prom!**

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