Saturday, January 2

You Know What You Like...

First, let me say...


Can you believe that it is 2010?

A new year brings the chance for a fresh start - new perspective, new goals and new resolutions.

Will and I have been tossing around ideas for projects that we would like to accomplish in this new year...

some big...

some really big...

and some small -
easy projects that in the grand scheme of things will be a piece of cake to accomplish.

We're going to make a list of 12 projects - one for each month in this new year. Not to bind us to getting them done in that exact order or time frame, but to continually motivate us and keep our creative juices flowing!

Our list is looking pretty good and definitely do-able, but until we're ready to share with you our final draft, I thought it would be fun to look back on our projects from 2009 that you were clearly fans of.

When I say "You know what you like", I mean it!

Here's what we know for sure based on your comments over the past 12 months:

You love a good head-to-toe makeover. If it involves carpentry, it's a clear winner!

Add in a couple of recipes and some DIY crafting modeled after expensive decor, and you've given us our...

Top 12 Posts of 2009

Let's start from the top:

(click on the month or the photo to be taken to the original post)


We transformed our ho-hum family room into a space filled with character and light when we created our own easy DIY version of historic Board and Batten.


Our outdated 1990's mauve tile fireplace had to go! So we did what we do best...a DIY transformation that required a bit of creativity, carpentry and good old fashioned sweat equity.


Ellison's pink and green scalloped bedroom was time consuming, for sure...but the result was definitely worth the effort.


A one-of-a-kind FREE STUFF headboard found on the side of the road was transformed into a bench that seats all five of us. Taking something old and making it new is one of my favorite things to do!


A series of events twisted what we had originally intended for this little house, and turned it into a cute and cozy Playhouse for our kids.


Who doesn't love a good yard sale find?

In this post, I found two great items that I could not pass up!


What started as simply changing up the look a bit, turned into a full-fledged makeover and went down in history as my first time ever using the compound miter saw on my own!


We were in wedding planning mode during the month of August and, with your help, I decided on several lemonade recipes to make a fresh lemonade stand at my sister-in-laws bridal shower.


A remodel of our dining room is what made it possible for this storage unit to come to life and it couldn't have come at a better time...just as the kids were getting into the swing of the new school year!


After two years of living with a Master Bedroom that functioned poorly for us, we finally made the changes necessary to make it a space we love to be in. All it took was a little creativity and a lot of thinking outside of the box!


To celebrate the boys' getting their own bedrooms, we built loft beds for them, which created a significant amount of usable space that didn't exist before. I continually strive to make the kids' rooms easy for them to live in - a refuge for them and a space they want to be in!


A little JOY for the holiday season!

Decorating our 3 month old entryway storage turned into a craft project that I wasn't expecting using paint, glitter and Christmas ornaments...I loved the result!

We've accomplished quite a bit this past year...
and as always, our main goal for 2010 is to continue to make the space we have work the very best for us.

I'm ready for a good project!

How about you?

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