Thursday, February 18

A New Venture For Us...

Something very exciting for us has happened and I am thrilled that I can finally share the details with you!

Three weeks ago I got a call from New York. It was the editor from AOL's DIY Life. She was calling to offer me the opportunity to come on board as a regular contributor and writer for their site.

(Insert squeals of excitement and laughter, here!)

After explaining to me all of the details, responsibilities and expectations...I couldn't refuse the offer! She had found me through my blog and loved what she saw!

(You can bet there was a whole lot of blushing involved...thank goodness she couldn't see me!)

So what can you expect to see from us on DIY Life?

To start, you'll be seeing previous projects that we have worked on and posted on ITLT, but the difference is that each post will be a "How To". A step-by-step process of how it was accomplished, with easy to follow directions.

First up, by request from my editor, the simple key holder that I made for our entryway by our garage...

It is an easy project that is totally customizable to your home's decor and a simple way to achieve the exact look you want for very little cash!

(You can see my original post about it, here)

You can check it out over on DIY Life:

Homemade: Scrabble Key Holder

Our next article...

A "How To" for our Living Room Fireplace Makeover.

We have received many emails about the details of this project, so an in depth post is definitely in order. I'll let you know when it's published!

We will also be working on brand new projects that will be featured on DIY Life. We have some big ones planned for 2010 and we can't wait to get started on them!

In March, DIY Life will be relaunching with a whole new look and feel and I am so excited to be a part of it. If you have never visited DIY Life (part of the AOL Network) head over and browse around. It's packed with useful tips, good information, craft projects, reviews and How To's. Chances are, if you're visiting ITLT, then DIY Life is right up your alley!