Friday, March 5

The Wardrobe. Or Armoire...


Wardrobe - (noun) - A tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes; has a door and rails or hooks for hanging clothes.

Or if we were French, we would call it an armoire.

Either way, I'm tired of calling this new-to-me piece of furniture
"Ellison's dresser-hutch thing".

So let's go with armoire.

Yesterday wasn't quite as productive as I had hoped. Painting furniture with a three year old running around is stressful (at best). Luckily, Ellison got to go play with some of her little girlfriend's for a few hours (Thank You, Kelly!) and I was able to get on one good, solid coat of paint. So, progress is slow and steady. But even though it took way longer than I had hoped it would, I think it's looking great...

Today I'll put on the second coat of paint and hope (with fingers crossed tightly) that it will be good enough not to require a third coat. We'll see.

That's just my impatience talking. I cannot wait to get the knobs back on it and call the project complete!

Thanks for all of your encouragement and kind words from yesterday's post!

Like I've said before...

you guys are the best cheerleader's!