Tuesday, December 21

A Gift Exchange For The Little Ones...

December 22nd is Ellison's last day of preschool before Christmas, and all of the kids in her class are bringing in presents to have their own little gift exchange.

Cute, right!

The guidelines for us parents were simple:

One small gift for each of the other 17 children in the class - cookies, a candy cane, a little something from the dollar store...

Just nothing expensive, and most importantly (and emphasized), something small.

So, off to the Target Dollar Bins we went,

and found these...

Little stocking caps in turquoise and lime green.

Love them.

And for only $1.00 a piece.

Love them even more!

Yes, the tag says "boy hat", but to that I say "whatever".

For boys or for girls, I think they're super cute. I love the color combo and, in my opinion, stripes are always adorable on kids!

Luckily, they had more than enough of them, so I grabbed our 17 hats and we high-tailed it out of there (it's crazy at Target right now).

When we got home, I dug through my stash of Christmas and birthday gift wrap supplies and had just enough bags and ribbon to make it work without having to spend anymore money...

I used self-adhesive labels that I was able to customize online and print here at home, then attached them to blank 2" x 4" gift tags. Since the gift inside is a stocking cap, I decided to have the tags say "Baby, it's cold outside!" on one side, and "Hoping you stay warm and cozy this winter" on the other side...

I tied the tag on with red and white ribbon...
(I love turquoise and red together, so any excuse to marry the two, works for me!)

...and 17 bags later, called it a day!

I'm hoping the parents will appreciate the practically of a stocking cap (and its lack of sugar content), and I'm really hoping that the kids will get a kick out of seeing themselves all wearing the same hat!


And it only cost me $17.00, plus a little tax.

Perfect for this Preschool Gift Exchange!