Monday, February 16

A Small Change With Big Impact...

It's Monday again! That means it's time for another Metamorphosis Monday hosted by Susan over at Between Naps On The Porch. Be sure to check out her blog for a list of all the other participants. You will see many inspiring transformations!

When we moved into this house it was obvious that mauve was the color of choice decided on by the previous owners when they had the house built. It was scattered around in the form of hard surfaces that would take some work to get rid of!

Two of those places were the square tiles inlaid in the hardwood floors of our hall. It was obvious that they needed to be changed, but I wanted to do it without damaging the hardwoods and without having to cut any new tiles. Off to Home Depot!

I found BIG, neutral tiles that would nearly fill the hole where the mauve tiles sat. They were maybe $4 a piece! A nice, inexpensive project that would make a world of difference and help bring this house one step closer to leaving the 90's behind!

Like I said before, the tiles I found would only nearly fit the existing hole. So I decided that the best solution would be to fill the gap between the new tile and the hardwood floors by adding a wood frame. The mauve tiles already had a beautiful dark wood frame around them, but they were pretty unnoticeable because the colors blended together. Doing this was going to make that dark wood pop!

My husband removed all of the old tiles...

...and cut new frames to match the existing floors!

Now all we had to do was lay the tile and grout!

And viola! Instant update that only took a few hours and was totally worth it!