Tuesday, February 17

House Numbers...

I was looking through some blogs last night and seemed to stumble upon a theme: front doors. Your front door can and should be a personal expression of you and your home! Through the use of color and decor you can set the tone for friends, family or anyone that you welcome into your home!

But before you can welcome them into your home you first have to make sure they can find your home! This is where the ever important house numbers come in! Where you place them is up to you...

photo courtesy of Cottage Living

photo courtesy of BHG.com

photo courtesy of BHG.com

When we first moved into this house the numbers were attached to a lamp post in our front yard that sits near the street. It was fine during the day, but at night you couldn't see it! I can't tell you how many of our friends drove right past our house on their first visit! It was clear the numbers had to be moved. So we put them above our garage doors. Much better! And it has served us well!

But little did I know that last fall my mother-in-law would discover a super easy and attractive idea in one of her many decorating magazine's! As soon as she saw it (and I'm almost certain that it was in a 2008 issue of Better Homes and Gardens) she was on the phone asking if I could paint numbers on her front door. She made the quick jaunt over (we live three houses apart!) to show me the picture and I was immediately on board!

I picked up my white paint pen and got to work.
This is the result:

My front door...

and her front door...

I love how they turned out! I think it is charming and a bit unexpected and never again will we have the issue of someone not knowing where our house numbers are!

The best part is that this idea can be adapted to suit any home! Your numbers could be large or small, traditional or funky, white, black or any color of the rainbow! And you certainly don't have to paint them yourself. House numbers are readily available at home improvement stores and your options are limitless online!

Just have fun with it! After all, it is your front door!