Sunday, March 15

Ellison's Tea Table...

Last year I found a small, pink pedestal table at an antique store for a really great price!

I knew it would be perfect as a side table in my daughter's bedroom.

I loved the shape of it, the color was already perfect and the paint was naturally worn in all of the right places.

It lived in her room, just as I had bought it, for quite some time....

...until I decided that it needed an upgrade!

It was lacking the necessary "cute" factor, so I painted a phrase on top and framed it in polka-dots...

"A Spot of Tea For You and Me!"

It is no longer used as a side table, but as a table for her and all of her baby dolls to play tea party!

Much cuter now!

I realized today that I don't have a single picture of her bedroom on my blog, so today I will take lots of pictures and get them posted.

Think pink!