Sunday, March 22

Makeover In a Can...

I love it that a can of spray paint is sometimes all you need to get just the right look!

Case in point, my Pasta Jars!

Many years ago I painted the lids with the "Rust" spray paint kit that you can buy at craft stores. For a long time, I loved the look!

But that time has passed... and it's time for a new look!

I wanted something more like my cookie jar, so I grabbed a can of black textured spray paint and... no time I had brand new (to me!) Pasta Jars!

I think next up for black lids will be the cereal containers!
I'll tackle this project tomorrow...

Next up for a quickie makeover was the Urn that my Boston Fern lives in.

I've had it for years and it moved back up with us from Arizona.
For the past year and a half it has sat, unused, in the backyard in our shed.

It works perfectly for the fern, but it is definitely worse for wear!

Nothing a little spray paint can't fix!

I like the look of it now more than I ever have before!

And I really love how the texture came through by putting a uniform paint color on it!
Before, the paint was so mottled that you couldn't really see the texture. You noticed the variations in color instead.

But I think it has much more character now with all of its crackling and indentations!

And it definitely stands out in front of the fireplace now instead of blending right into the background.

I would say that both of these projects together took me no more than 15 minutes - total!

Definitely worth it!

I got the new look that I was going for and was able to reuse something I already had without having to go out and buy new!

Best case scenario, if you ask me!

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