Thursday, March 26

Thrifty Girls!

My best friend, Kelly, and I went thrifting again yesterday in downtown Seattle!

She walked away with several pairs of new jeans, a super cute jacket and various other items that were just too good to pass up, and I came away with these...

A hand carved wooden bowl..

...that has a twist to it...

...but I'm calling it "character"!

I rubbed it with Danish oil today and I really like how it turned out. I'll post pics tomorrow!

I was thrilled with that find, but I am




about these:

Vintage Shoe Forms!

A pair of them in great condition!

As soon as I picked them up I knew what I wanted to do with them...

...but you'll have to wait to see what I've got going on!

I should be done with the project tomorrow!

I think they're very cool!

The absolute BEST part about these finds were their prices...

*drumroll please*

I paid a whopping $1.99 for each!
My total was $4.00!

I had spent time browsing the store, but decided to make another quick go-around through the "home decor" section before we left. These were on the bottom shelf (basically, on the floor!) and I had completely missed them the first time!

Lesson learned!
From now on, I'll get on my knees if I have to because the best finds may be hiding just out of sight!

Can't wait to show you the finished projects and how I am making them even better!
Check back tomorrow to see the "after" pictures!


I think it's safe to say that Kelly and I are definitely Hooked On Thrifting!
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