Thursday, March 19

Work With What You've Got...

Our main bathroom sits across the hall from our kitchen...

I'm sure that you've heard designers on television say:

"If you have an issue with your room, sometimes it is best not to fight it! Play it up and
work with what you've got!"

That was the approach that I took here!

There are three main issues with this space:

1. It is very small. All business! No frills.

2. There is no natural light. None whatsoever!

3. The sink is pink. Yes, pink.

Since there are no plans for a renovation here, it was all about the paint and accessories...

I painted the walls a warm brown color with just a hint of pink in it. I needed the sink to blend in, rather than contrast and stand out. The medium brown paint added a little drama - just what was needed!

We added a rustic frame around the mirror, exactly like the one we did in our living room. This made a huge impact in the space!

I kept the accessories to a minimum. Being such a small space, it needs to remain clean and uncluttered...

The framed spiral staircase pictures bring your eye up, accentuating the height of the space instead of emphasizing the small width of the room.

Keeping the majority of the accessories in the same color family makes it relaxing and easy on the eyes...

My hand painted fern art brought the green near the mirror over to the opposite wall making the space more cohesive.

Overall, I think I'm happy with it.

It seems to work - pink sink and all!