Sunday, April 5


We have a massive Cedar tree in our front yard....
Or, I should say, we had a massive Cedar tree in our front yard!

Last Tuesday a crew came to our neighborhood to do some tree removal!

It was really impressive!

They showed up in our front yard at 7:02 am...

...and immediately started tossing branches into their wood chipper!

Little by little the tree was starting to disappear...

Here is where it starts to fall...


This picture was taken at 7:08am!

That's only 6 minutes after they arrived!!

Here comes the machine that chips away the stump.


...and now at 7:15am.

And suddenly our overgrown Cedar is gone!


I can look out my front window and actually see parts of the neighborhood that I couldn't see before!

They also ground out a stump for us in our backyard. The previous owner's had cut the tree down, but just left the stump...


...and 7:26am.

They also took out a palm in the back corner of our yard. It used to have two taller sections, but they had grown so high that they were blocking our view of Mt. Rainier, so last summer I (yes, me!) sawed off the two tallest sections. We've had so much more snow than normal this year that the palms in our neighborhood are not faring well at all. It was time for this one to go.


Planning their attack...


No problem seeing Mt. Rainier now!

That is, when she shows her face!It all happened so fast!

And, they cut down three Cedars down the street at the in-laws house, another 7 trees across the street at the neighbor's house, and an overgrown Cherry tree at another neighbors house! The crew was here and gone within an hour and they took care of 4 houses!

Impressive, indeed!

While this doesn't fall in the category of "DIY makeover", it certainly is a note worthy one!


The night before the crew showed up we were telling our boys what was going to be happening...our seven year old got a worried, confused and somewhat sad look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said
"Well, if we're cutting down a tree, are we going to plant a new one?"
It was very sweet. My little Arborist!

As we were cleaning up the debris from the tree removal we found a small Hemlock that had started to grow under the Cedar. I think we'll pot it and watch it grow - that way, when we move from this house he can take it with him. It will be his tree. That will make him happy!


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