Thursday, May 14

In The Cookie Jar - Week Twelve...

Three months have passed by!

Baking cookies once a week...

all for the pure enjoyment of my kids!

It's been fun!

Seeing the excitement on their little faces as the first batch comes out of the oven is always the very best part!

This week was definitely a use-whatever-we-have-in-the-pantry/freezer kind of week!

We've been busy, but lucky for me, stashed in the back of the freezer was a package of

Nestle Swirled Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Morsels

Before you think to yourself
"those sound yummy - I'll have to put them on my list",
don't bother.
Nestle doesn't make them anymore.
Truth is, they haven't made them for quite a while!

And with that, I realize I am admitting just how long they have been sitting in the back of my freezer...

Owen was quite excited about them though!

He happily volunteered to sample the frozen chips, the dough and the warm, fluffy cookies right out of the oven...

Two thumbs up from him!

I will admit, I will gladly pass them by...

not my favorite.

Maybe that's why Nestle doesn't make them anymore...?

If you would like the recipe you can find it here on the Nestle website under

Nestle Toll House Swirled Morsel Cookies

Just substitute the chips of your choice for the chocolate and raspberry chips that we used.

I am really wanting to make some sort of lemon cookie!

I think I'll plan that for next week...

So if any of you have a killer recipe for lemon cookies,

I'm open to suggestions!


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