Thursday, May 7

In The Cookie Jar - Weeks Ten and Eleven...

Yes, week Ten of In The Cookie Jar passed by without any cookies being baked...

But, in my defense, I didn't forget! It has just been a busy past couple of weeks for us!

Luckily, my kids didn't have to go without.
(As if it would have killed them to have to go without cookies for a week? Hardly! But it does make them happy and I did make a promise!)

What I wasn't anticipating when I began my weekly filling of the cookie jar, was how many cookies I would be able to freeze and save for later! So, like last week, when there wasn't a free day to bake, I just grabbed a bag of frozen (but still homemade!) Snickerdoodle's and the kids never knew the difference!


This week I had to use what ingredients I had in the pantry. Ellison got sick yesterday and running to the store today wasn't an option. After looking through the top rated cookie recipes on I found this recipe for:

Soft Chocolate Cookies

A simple recipe with few ingredients that was perfect for add-in's!
We had a bag of Mint Chips in the freezer just begging to be used!

No complaints about this recipe at all!

Quick and easy!

No complaints from the kids either!

*Notice the small finger on the left side of the picture*
She could barely contain herself!



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