Thursday, May 7

What Kind Of House Are You?

No surprise here!

In fact, I'm sure my husband, and possibly all of our family, will find this result a bit comical.

After taking this quick quiz I discovered that I am a...

(drumroll, please)

Ranch House!

Why is this funny?

Because every house we've lived in (with the exception of one short-lived rental) has been a ranch house. We can't seem to get away from the big garage doors staring us in the face! We always say that one of these days, we will find a home whose garage isn't the first thing you see!

But don't get me wrong, we love our ranch houses! And that's why this quiz hit the nail on the head!

My result:

You're Solid As A Ranch House

Simple and suburban by nature, you exude a cozy warmth that lets people know you don't mind if they leave their shoes on in the house -- it's only carpet, after all! Family and friends are important to you, and you love having them stop by. While not overly fussy or vain, you care about your looks -- but honestly, you're happiest in sweatpants. To you, life isn't measured in the goods you've acquired, but in time well spent.

Ranch homes are synonymous with laid-back living. They emphasize the family-friendly backyard, usually connected to the kitchen or dining area via a sliding-glass door and flat patio. It's hard to picture a ranch house without a barbecue grill out back, isn't it?

Truth is, we're huge fans of the single-story houses we've lived in. And open-concept living is something that we've become accustomed to and enjoy. I frequently tell myself that I would love to live in an old farmhouse with a big wrap around porch or a craftsman built in the early 1900's jam packed with all of its character and charm...

But when I really sit down and think about it, I will probably always be happiest in a ranch. Character and charm can be added to a home. It's one of the things that Will and I enjoy doing the most! Take, for instance, our Board and Batten project!

I'm going to insist that my husband take the quiz. If he comes up with "Ranch House" too, now that will be comical!

If you would like to take the quiz, head on over to HGTV's

And tell me,
What kind of house are you?