Wednesday, August 19

All Framed Up...

The conversion taking place in our dining room is going well!

We had several things that had to happen yesterday, none of which had anything to do with construction, but once we got the kids into bed we were able to focus on the job and finally finished the framing at 11pm.

Admittedly, we have had a couple of is-this-going-to-be-more-of-a-pain-than-it's-worth moments, but we can already see that this is the best choice for our family and how we live.

In fact, we're kicking ourselves for not doing this sooner!

The kids love walking through the walls!

We made sure to get a picture of each of them standing between the 2x4's. Today we will take a picture of all five of us standing in the room before we start putting up the sheet rock and then print out a few of the photos.

We decided last night (and I am super excited about this because I think the kids will love doing it) that we are going to put together a time capsule! We'll set the box between two of the studs and cover it up with the sheet rock. We haven't decided everything that we're going to put in it yet, but I'm sure it will be fun seeing what the kids choose to include!

Here's hoping that by the end of today we have made great progress on the walls!