Monday, August 17

Our Biggest Project Yet...

Welcome to our dining room!

An 11 foot by 11.5 foot space that sits unused 364 days a year...

Thanksgiving dinner is its only claim to fame!

But that's all about to change...

What was this:

is now this:

And this:

is now this:

A blank slate waiting to be transformed...

Will is at Lowe's right now picking up 2x4's, sheet rock, tape, mud, wall texture and trim.

The french doors have been ordered and our design plan feels right!

This space is on track to become a room that is used all day, every day instead of a room that we just look at and walk past.

We're very excited!

I'll keep you posted as the changes are made!

P.S. I still need to post about our old house in Arizona, as well as how the lemonade bar turned out for my sister-in-law's bridal shower. I am happy to report that the recipes we picked were delicious! Thanks so much for all your help by giving me your opinions!
August has turned into an extremely busy month, and with only a little over two weeks before school starts, I don't see us catching a break at all! But I will definitely catch up on my posts once September rolls around.
Can you believe that it is really almost September?