Monday, August 31

Window Shopping A Garage Sale...

...from the comfort of my own home.

It was nice!

I didn't even realize that the neighbor was having a garage sale until Will left to go to an appointment and called me shortly after he left:

Will: Did you see the neighbors yard?

Me: No....why?

(thinking it must be something horrible like they had been T.P.'d or their cars had been egged - I started walking towards the window right away)

Will: Just go look. You'll want to see what's...

(before he could even finish his sentence)

Me: *GASP* - oh my goodness!

Will: I'll be back shortly.

Their entire driveway was covered in items that they were selling and it looked like good stuff!

I immediately started surveying the scene and that's when I saw this...

I have wanted to get a chair like this for so long, but my husband doesn't like chairs resembling anything having to do with wicker, or rattan or anything of the handwoven nature. Since chairs like this aren't cheap, I had decided it was best not to get one.

That is, until my neighbor was selling hers at her garage sale!

It still has some of the packaging left on it...

And aside from a teeny-tiny bit of wear on the arms, the whole chair looks brand new!

It even came with a cushion.

A perfectly clean cushion!

It's obviously from Ikea (you can tell from the leftover packaging), so I looked it up online.

It's a $50 chair, plus the $14.99 cushion.

That's a $65 investment.

Want to know how much I got it for? Cushion and all?

A whopping $10


The kids love the new chair. And it's even cozier than I thought it would be.

And guess who else sits in it...

yep - the handwoven-ratan-hater himself!


I knew he would come around.

Did you come across any great garage sale finds?

Either way, I hope your weekend was wonderful!

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