Wednesday, September 2

The Playroom Renovation Is...Complete!

You have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to say that!

Ok, I'm sure some of you do -

But I had no idea how happy I would be to say that in the end!

We finally got the doors in and once that happened, there was nothing stopping the progress.

Quickly, Will's work was done and it was time for me and my paint brush to take over!

All of the molding went up around the new walls seamlessly - like they had always been there...

and it looks fantastic painted!

I'm still putting the finishing touches on the inside of the room (I'll show you soon!) and touching up paint on the new walls outside of the room...

which leads me to this project...

I know - "what the heck is that?", right?

Ok, I'll give you a sneak peek, but only because it's just so exciting...

I have lots more painting ahead of me today, but more important than that...

today is the first day of school for my baby boys!

(I wonder at what age I'll stop calling them my babies? I don't see it happening anytime soon.)

Our oldest is starting second grade.

And our youngest boy (our middle child) is starting kindergarten...all day long!


I'll admit it...

Today will be hard.

I was telling Will last night that it's not so much about having them gone (although, after all summer together, it will be a weird change), but more about not being their main caregiver anymore. As a stay-at-home-mom, I've been with Owen since the day he was born, but as of today, for the first time...he'll be under the care of his teacher for 6 & 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Ok, I better stop...I'm getting emotional already!

Speaking of their teachers though, they both got who we wanted for them! So that's a great feeling!

Will and I will be helping out at the school today with the kindergartener's during lunch (so at least I will get to see Owen and how he's doing!) while Ellison has a playdate with two of her favorite friends. After that, I'll be painting - and I promise to update with better pics!

Have a great day, everyone!