Thursday, September 17

Here Comes The Bride...

To say that the Swoveland women are a little preoccupied by the sound of wedding bells, would be an understatement.

In reality, we are totally preoccupied!

This Saturday, my husband's baby sister is walking down the aisle to say "I Do", and we all have a hand in making her vision for the wedding a reality.

Ready for my part?

Back in June I posted about an idea I had found on Apartment Therapy.

It was a gorgeous display of canning jars and candles set atop white linens with white china and white chairs.

The effect is gorgeous!

(click here to see the original post)

Not long after my post, my sister-in-law asked me if I could be in charge of recreating the look for the centerpieces at her wedding reception.

Hmm...let me think about that...


So I found 168 canning jars in varying sizes, for the cheapest price I could find...

And enough tea lights to fill each jar...

By the way, did you know that Ikea sells tea lights that are nearly twice as big as normal tea lights? I had no idea, but was thrilled when I found them! Bonus - they burn for 9 hours, which is more than twice as long as the little ones!

The Will's (big and little) and I, spent last night taking off all the lids,

(how cute is it that our seven year old wanted to help?)

placing a candle in each jar,

lighting every single wick to make them super easy to light for the reception,

and placing them all back in the boxes to make moving them most efficient...

Of course, I couldn't pack them all up without doing a mock up of what the dinner tables will look like...

It was so pretty!

The photo doesn't do it justice. It's even prettier than what I had imagined!

I cannot wait to see what the place looks like filled with the romantic glow of flickering candlelight bouncing off the glass jars!

I'm going to take it a step further and spruce it up a bit beyond just the candles and jars. Not too much, but we want to inject a bit of the wedding colors into the mix.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!

We have a lot more to get done before the weekend starts with the rehearsal on Friday,

wedding on Saturday,


Owen's 6th Birthday Party on Sunday!

It's a lot to cram into one weekend, but we wanted to take advantage of family being in town for the wedding. Doing his party on Sunday means that Owen will get to have his cousin here for the party, which he will love!

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend!

I'll be back next week to show you how it all went!