Friday, September 25

This Little Light Of Mine...

Two coats of porch and floor paint - check

painted rails and banister - check

strung lights - check

We don't even have anything back up on the deck yet, but it looks party ready to me!

Doesn't it look like it's just begging to be danced on?


There's just something about those little lights...

Love 'em!

The entire "inside" of the deck is finished being painted...

meaning that the entire outside has not.

I still need to paint all of the balusters and posts around the outside.

Let me tell you how excited I am about that.

(That last sentence was thick with sarcasm, just in case you couldn't tell.)

It's shaping up to be great additional space for our

Annual Chowder Cook-Off!

But, there won't be any painting happening today...

Today my best friend, Kelly, and I are heading out to

Do The Puyallup

and ending the night listening to her

We're meeting some friends there for a Girl's Night Out.

Should be fun!

And the concert is bound to be good!

Happy Friday, everyone!