Thursday, October 8

And The Winner Of The Bella's Bowtique Giveaway Is...

Drumroll, please...


from the blog "Food = Love"

who said:

I love the hot pink flower hair clip with no slip grip - it has a pearl in the center. I have really fine hair so this would be perfect. I also love pink.

Her things are adorable! I can see a few of these being ordered for Christmas gifts. I'm excited about the giveaway!


We're excited for you too, Gena!

Send me your email address and we'll get going on handing all of the details!

There were nearly 100 entries in this giveaway once the followers and blog posts were all tallied up. A great turn out for my first giveaway, and more importantly...lots of love for Kristie!

A huge thanks to Kristie at Bella's Bowtique for making this possible!

I am thrilled that so many of you were able to find her as a result of this giveaway!

I think it's pretty evident how much we all love you, Kristie, so if you ever want to do this again, you know we're on board!

P.S. Check back on Sunday for another Giveaway!

Want a hint as to what it is?

Ok, I'll give you just one...




(squealing with excitement here!)

I love Giveaways!