Sunday, October 4

Tara's Vintage Kitchen...

If you've been blogging for any length of time, you know that once in a while you stumble upon a blog that grabs your attention in a way that others don't. There's just something unique about it that keeps bringing you back...

You know what I mean, right?

Well, that's exactly how I feel about Tara.

She's that kind of blogger!

So when she contacted me and said that she wanted to be the first to sponsor It's The Little Things... I was overjoyed!

Not only does she have a fantastic blog, but she went and opened up a cute, little shop on Etsy called

Tara's Vintage Kitchen

Tara and her mom shop for great vintage finds together, gather them all up in their shop, and let us browse and buy!

They find the best stuff!

Take a look...

Vintage Metal Scale

(that aqua is gorgeous, no?)

Vintage Silver Plated Butter Dish

(all I can think of is how pretty this would be sitting on the Thanksgiving table!)

Adorable Pale Yellow Ceramic Teapot

(adorable, indeed!)

Vintage Silver Plated Trivet

(so pretty!)

Set of 4 Vintage Cookie Cutters

(I love those green, wooden handles)

Vintage Seltzer/Syphon Bottle

(love this!)

Vintage Nordic Ware 6 Cup Bundt Cake Pan

(LOVE this!)

Vintage Red and White Sailor Half Apron

(sooo cute!)

Have you picked a favorite?

Clearly, I can't!

So there's something you don't know about me.

I'm a sucker for vintage black and white enamelware.

It all started when Will and I lived in Vermont back in 1998.

(Something else you didn't know!)

My enamelware collection lines the tops of my cabinets in my kitchen, just as it has in every house we've lived in since leaving Vermont,

so when I saw these, I was hooked...

Vintage White Enamelware Pitcher


White Enamelware Stock Pot

Love. Love. Love.

I know - I used the "L" word three, four, five....ten, twelve times...

I am quite fond of Tara's Vintage Kitchen!

But before there was a Tara's Vintage Kitchen, there was just
Blondie 'N' SC.

The place where Tara blogs about all things vintage, girly and ruffly.

Her photos are gorgeous!

She invites us into her home...

...and has even let us peek into her parents' home...

(which is nothing short of stunning, I might add!)

She shows us around San Clemente, and takes us to the beach to photograph the local scenery...

(and not always just the landscape!)

(Mmm...nice, right?)

But don't let all of the ruffles fool you. Tara is extremely honest and, at times, wears her heart on her sleeve - one of the qualities I find most endearing about her. She allows herself to be vulnerable and gives us a window into her past, all while humoring us with tales about "the punk" and "the pool man".

Behind all of it is the lovely, kind-hearted, bright and energetic Tara!

She's too cute!

Be sure to visit Blondie 'N' SC and let her know you stopped by!

Tell her Karla says "hello"


And be sure to come back on Sunday, October 11th, for a Giveaway from

Tara's Vintage Kitchen!

It's a good one!

P.S. If you're interested in becoming a Sponsor of It's The Little Things...please contact me at ItsTheLittleThings(at)HomeRestyle(dot)net