Wednesday, December 16

Christmas Came Early...

...for me, anyway!

Check it out...

Can you tell what it is?

Old windows.

Lots and lots of old, beautiful windows!

My sister-in-law, Becky, and her husband, Ryan, live in Portland, OR in a neighborhood that was built in the very early 1900's. A couple of months ago, while on a bike ride they noticed a huge stack of old windows sitting on the lawn in front of a house in their neighborhood. The woman who lived in the house was replacing all of her home's original windows with brand new one's.

Becky asked the woman what she was planning on doing with them and the woman said, basically, "if you want them, take them" - she just really wanted them gone and off her lawn. Becky gave Ryan the look (knowing full well that you don't run across this kind of jack-pot every day!), so Ryan rode home, got in the truck and went back to load em' up!

They know my affinity for old windows and were confident that between Will and I, we would be able to make something great with them.

They were planning on saving them for me for Christmas, but circumstances made it easier for them to get the windows up here now. They're currently sitting in our garage, waiting to be used.

I'm thinking the playhouse could use another window, for sure.

And after that, the sky is the limit!

Time to get creative.

Thanks, Becky and Ryan!

I am giddy!