Wednesday, April 8

I Got It!

The Junk Headboard on the side of the road that I was
talking about yesterday...

I got it!

I can't believe it was still there!

A full 24 hours had passed and the only things from the "Free Stuff" pile that were left were the headboard and a lonely computer monitor.

I'd say it was meant to be!

When my husband came home last night I said

"Did you see it? Out in the garage?"

and he said

"Ya. It's a piece of junk!"


Ye of little faith!

Keep in mind that's exactly what he said about the black dresser sitting in our entryway that he now loves!

Don't get me wrong, this thing is not pretty right now.

But if you look past what it is and see what it could be...

I have no doubt that it can, it will be something great!

It has some definite worn spots, but like always, I see that as character!

I'm not looking for perfection!

Now the decision lies in whether to keep it as a headboard


re-purpose it as something entirely new!

I'm leaning towards the latter!

It's always more fun to turn things into something unexpected!

Stay tuned...

I have no idea how long it will take, but you can be sure I will be posting the "after" pictures!

Wish me luck with the transformation!